LED Lighting... a Tutorial!

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Our Mission is Making Learning Easy! Knowledge is power!....and LED's reduce power! So you save $$$'s. Got it? Do it now! Make the switch for savings and super long life!


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​How to Choose an LED

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​We know choosing an LED light bulb can be confusing. That's why we make it easy for you!

This site is dedicated to helping unravel the mystery of buying LED's by providing the basic knowledge needed to make the right choices.



  • Watts vs Lumens - Keeping it simple!
  • Bulb Shapes and Sizes - Learn it in a snap!
  • Color of light - Understanding Color Temperature (Kelvin degrees)!
  • Line voltage vs Low voltage - We make it easy!
  • How to calculate energy savings - This puts money back in your pocket!

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(Authored by: Ken Reilly - VP Sales/Mktg - BuyRiteLEDLighting, LLC)